It takes forever for publishers to get back with you. Most take at least a few months, with some taking six months. I’m going to look into self-publishing and see what I can find.


Books Update

I was going to send to more publishers this week, but I got a request to remove a story. That means I’m going to have to rewrite a whole chapter. I’m almost done with the cult book, and I know what I’m doing for the historical book. I’ve had a million things go wrong. My flash disc is breaking (that’s where all the stories are), all of my laptops (I always have a back up) have either completely died or need to be fixed in some way, and I’m dealing with a lot of things with my daughter’s school. I’m a bit overwhelmed, to be honest. I’m going to try and get everything rewritten AND send to more publishers by Monday.



I was looking at Rotten Tomatoes list of top 100 “Horror” movies and it prompted me to make this post. One of the worst things about this list is that many of the movies aren’t even horror movies. Besides that, it’s skewed toward new movies more so.

So, what makes a horror movie? In general, both thrillers and horror movies have scary elements. So what’s the difference?

A horror movie should have a supernatural element in addition to being scary. Vampires, werewolves, mutated creatures, unknown and mysterious Gods from other dimensions, aliens, etc.

A thriller is scary but pretty much mundane, there’s nothing grossly abnormal other than maybe mental illness.

I would classify the original Halloween movie as a horror movie and Rob Zombie’s remake as a thriller. Something like Jaws is slightly different. Jaws is more like a megalodon, which is supposedly extinct. That would be more of a horror.

These are my official definitions.shoggoth_by_carloscara-d8gic2s