I have finished with all of my writing, I just have to work in everyone else’s submissions and make sure everything is perfect.  I have one of my partners reading all of my work to make sure it’s clear and as perfect as we can get it.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


What’s going on with the book?

Just to let everyone know where we’re at, we have gotten some really great submissions!  We are really excited about this book.  We’ve decided to do something different and create a seamless and cohesive story using all the stories and doing wraparound stories.  Sort of like Creepshow or Heavy Metal, only more cohesive.  It’s one story that has little stories within it.  I’m super excited about how it’s turning out!  I’m writing the ending now, and then I’ll go back to revise and add all everything in.  It’s turning out to be a much longer process than we had anticipated, but I’d rather take my time and make it perfect than half-ass anything.  We want it to be something great, not mediocre.  So that’s where we are and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.  Thank you all for your support!