Zanya’s Decent by Dawn

flash fiction friday

(not my image, not sure who did this but great picture).

Filled with despair, Zanya walked to the edge of the rocky cliff.  She stood there, looking down at the dark water, the light of the full moon reflecting off it.  Her mind was cluttered, but she felt one moment of clarity when a voice whispered “let go.”  She did just that, letting herself fall forward off the cliff and plunge into the abyss.  Tentacles grabbed her, she could not fight if she wanted to, but she was not afraid.  She allowed them to envelop her as they took her deeper.  The pressure was becoming unbearable, but something wrapped around her, protecting her from it.  She didn’t know how long she had been descending, or even if she was alive or dead.  Zanya could still think and knew she was Zanya, but she knew nothing else.

Finally, the tentacles released her and placed her on…the ground?  Yes, it was definitely a ground of some kind, she was no longer in water.  Zanya laid still with her eyes closed, for how long she stayed that way she could not tell.  She started to take inventory of her body.  Something felt weird.  Her skin felt…different.  She moved her hands, and realized there was something between her fingers…webbing!  Her toes too!

She opened her eyes, and everything was different.  There was a sky and she was indeed on the ground.  She was by the ocean but it was like nothing she’d ever seen…while awake.  Zanya was home.


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