The Vikings and the Deep Ones

This is another flash fiction story I wrote.  We used to write in our group on Facebook, and are about to start writing and sharing stories in there again.  If you’re interested in writing fiction with us, check out our group on Facebook.  We are also looking for Lovecraftian short fiction and art for publication.  Please see our guidelines

It had been a long journey and the Vikings were weary from their long ship ride.  They were farther south than they had ever been.  The weather was warm and sticky, and the water was a blue so crystal clear, they could see the fish swimming beside them.

Three days before they had seen a giant tentacle reach out of the water a mere three hundred feet from the ship.  It created a great wave when it splashed back down into the abyss, nearly capsizing the ship into Davy Jones’ Locker.  They were Vikings, they lived life on the sea and were used to such things.  However, it was still a bit disconcerting.

The sight of the island was such a huge relief to the wary travelers.  They were hungry and tired.  When the ship came near the island, they noticed the people looked different than any they had ever seen.  Not just the color of their skin, though that was a bit strange too.  Like most islanders, they were dark skinned, but they had other strange tints.  One man appeared to be almost green, one appeared bluish, and there was a woman that looked almost purple.  It was their eyes, hands, and feet that most startled the seasoned Vikings.  The eyes were huge, the hands and feet were webbed.  It was like they were fish people.  The Vikings weren’t sure if they were seeing things or what.  They said nothing of it, but took note of it.  Something about this island was strange.

Usually when Vikings pulled into port, people ran in fear.  These people just stared…almost menacingly.  The Vikings had never encountered this before.  They decided a group of them would go investigate the island.  Ten went fully armed to scout the land, including their leader.  Partially to see what there was to be taken, and also to figure out what was going on with this crazy island.  As they past vendors on the pier, they saw strange sculptures and jewelry.  They were richly made with gold and other things.  It made no sense, it was a tiny island, where did they get the supplies to create such things?  Why were they so rich?

The Viking leader, Sven, led his men to the village.  There he noticed a woman, very beautiful and strange.  He had to meet her.  He told his men to continue without him.  After grumbling about being bewitched, the men did as they were told and left Sven to chase after this strange woman.  She was very tiny boned, and she had paler skin than her kin.  Her skin had the same strange purple tint as the other woman he had seen.  Her eyes were very large, and her pupils were shaped strangely.  Instead of being round, they were more like a horizontal line, with circles at the ends.  The iris was purple.  They were beautiful.

He felt himself drawn in by those eyes.  He walked over to her and sat down beside her.  “Hi, I’m Sven” he said to her.  “You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

She smiled at him, but said nothing.  She leaned in to kiss him, and he met her lips.  He slipped his tongue in her mouth, and then strange tentacles were crawling into his mouth.  He opened his eyes, and met hers.  Then everything went black…


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