The Walk by Dawn

Here is a flash fiction story I wrote:

I hated my life.  I never felt like I belonged in society.  I had friends growing up, but not many and they never lasted.  I was utterly alone, no matter how many people were around me.  I lived alone.  I went to my full time job, then went to my part time job, then went home.  That was my life in its entirety, which, of course, is not a life.  I was barely existing, running on autopilot.  Despite that, I was more awake than the majority.  Perhaps that’s why I was so alone.  I was awake in a sea of zombies, searching for other non-zombies.

There were only two things that helped my mood, walking and music.  So I usually combined the two.  It was fall, and the colors were gorgeous.  It looked like a painting, didn’t seem like anything that beautiful should exist in the human world.  The vibrant reds, purples, and oranges were incredible.  It made me forget everything for just a little while.  I didn’t feel alone, which was strange because I was the only person there.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something strange.  I went to get a closer look, turning off my mp3 player.  I could hear a deep warbling sound, which got louder as I approached.  There was a portal of some kind.  The center was purple, and the outside was black.  Something was pulling me towards it.  As I got closer, tentacles shot out and grabbed me, pulling me inside.  I was not afraid…which struck me as odd.

They filled my head with thoughts and information, “one of us…one of us” they kept saying.  Then I understood, I was here for a purpose.  They put me back in the forest, and there was a man standing there with wide eyes, smelling of fear.  I threw him into the portal, and as the screams echoed, the portal shut.  I turned away and walked back home…


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