enjoy lovecraft's liberating madness

What the fhtagn is LOVECRAFT’S LIBERATING MADNESS, you may ask?  This is a phrase we have on our logo.  Well first I think we need to define madness in general.  What is madness?  If you look at psychology, madness is really nothing more than thinking differently from the majority…the norm.

Normal, therefore, is being similar to the majority.  Madness is thinking or acting different from the masses.  Every great person in history has been called mad.  Mad is often followed by the word “genius.”  Einstein was thought to be mad, because he thought differently than other scientists.  The biggest example of a mad genius I can think of (besides the world’s greatest author H.P. Lovecraft) is Nikola Tesla.  Tesla was the first to come up with AC electricity, which is what we use today.  This was only one of his inventions.  Most of what we have today, we can thank Tesla for.  Unfortunately, because he was labeled as mad, credit for his inventions were given to others.  He and Lovecraft share some eccentricities, in fact.  While Lovecraft was married, as far as I know, that two year marriage was the only time he was sexually active.  Tesla was completely asexual, and focused everything on science.  He started inventing when he was a small child, as Lovecraft started writing as a small child.  Both are quite fascinating men, and also considered by many to be utterly mad.

So what is Lovecraft’s Liberating Madness?  Freeing your mind from the shackles of “normal.”  Why be a sheep and follow the flock?  LET THE LIBERATING MADNESS TAKE YOU…IA IA!  IA CTHULHU! IA SHUB-NIGGURATH! IA NYARLATHOTEP! IA AZATHOTH!


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